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Welcome To I travel sri lanka. We are the team of tour consultants dedicated in providing a personalized service to all your travel needs in Sri Lanka. I travel sri lanka is a family owned travel company with Over 11 years of experience in the Sri Lanka tourism industry. We offer great package tours to All around the island such as Honeymoon Tours,Wildlife Holiday,Cultural and Heritage tours. I travel sri lanka also provides complete hotel or tourist inn accommodation along with tour packages. We are committed to understanding the needs of our clients We were able to meet a lot of friends around from the world we could offer them a reliable and safe guidance. We can make sure This is your one stop online travel shop in Sri Lanka. We look forward to providing you our high standard of quality Service

Sri lanka 

Usually remarked as ‘Pearl with the Indian Ocean’ this beautiful island region stands out as the country of astonishing diversity extremely acclaimed as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Asia. Getting so small in size, it’s really blessed by several intriguing attractions that no other island in this world offers to its visitors. It’s endowed with charming natural beauty, sun kissed beaches, rich culture and heritage, wildlife parks, museums, art galleries, colorful festivals, world famous gems, etc. Much more of all of the world class hospitality, amiable climate, mouth watering cuisines and effortless accessibility have really produced Sri Lanka a excellent tourists destination and tourist’s paradise. This beautiful island region has everything to provide to its tourists coming for tours to Sri Lanka.

The tours 

All  tours are made to your specific requirements. Everything you wish to see & to do in Sri Lanka, I can help you create the perfect holiday. Any itinerary can be modified before and/or during the trips; you are fully free to choose times, places, foods, accomodations, attractions because i know this is your holiday so enjoy it your own way!

Your safety, comfort and happiness are  all that matters for us and for staff, every second with you and your family!

These are some examples of tours i completed in the past with couples, single person, families with kids:

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